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Heather is concerned that she hasn't heard back from Kevin, so Darren and Jodie try to help. Darren uses his online skills to find him and soon thinks that he has successfully tracked down the mystery man. On Darren and Jodie's advice, Heather decides to go to see him, despite Shirley's protestations that she could be putting herself in danger. However, when Heather finds the Kevin that Darren has tracked down, it's immediately clear that he isn't the person who she has been talking to. At the same time, Ben and Jay realise that they need to put an end to the Heather situation as it's spiralling out of control. Later, Heather receives a huge shock as she receives an email stating that Kevin was killed in a motoring accident. As she sobs in anguish, Ben and Jay realise that their prank has gone way too far.

Meanwhile, Ian tells Jane how angry he is about her and Martin. Jane apologises for upsetting Bobby but won't apologise for being with someone new. Desperate to prove that he can also move on, Ian ploughs through a list of old flames to see if anyone is available for a date. He doesn't seem to have much luck but soon visits Jane at the chip shop and proudly tells her that he has 'a lunch' later that day. However, Jane is starting to have doubts about her relationship with Martin, deciding that her children come first and she'll have to sacrifice her new man. When Martin arrives to see her, she tells him that they'll have to finish things. At the same time, Ian meets a woman called Jeanette at The Vic and is keen for Jane to see them together. Jane does visit the bar later and Ian thinks he's won the battle.

Elsewhere, Carol can see that Dot is still struggling to look after herself and Jim. When Carol tells Dot that she needs a carer to help around the house, Dot feels insulted by her suggestion and orders Carol to leave her spare key behind. Later, Dot agrees to go out to lunch with Carol but leaves without turning the gas hob off. When the pair arrive back, Carol notices the smell of gas and stops Dot from blowing up the house by lighting a cigarette. Towards the end of the day, Dot finally agrees to the idea of a carer, as long as she can choose who gets the job.

Also today, Max is distant and irritable when he hears that Tanya and Greg are staying in the Maldives for a few extra nights; Jay tries to sort out Abi and Ben's bickering by locking them in the launderette together, where Ben admits to Abi that he is being bullied; and Vanessa begins to feel that Max is slipping away from her.