Part OneEdit


Christian asks Syed to meet him in the Café, He implores him to be true to himself and Syed admits that he loves Christian, but regrets that he can't betray his family and his faith; he's going to marry Amira.

Part TwoEdit


An angered Zainab confronts Christian about ruining Syed's wedding day with his infatuation. She tells him to take his perverted obsession elsewhere. She's horrified as Christian snaps, telling her it didn't make Syed feel sick, he loved it.

Part ThreeEdit


Zainab confronts Syed about Christian's claims. He takes her aside where he confesses that he's gay and loves Christian. Zainab is horrified.

Part FourEdit


Syed decides to go ahead with the ceremony. Christian arrives as the wedding is in progress. He looks desperately to Syed, but Syed accepts Amira as his wife.

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